Port-A-Lift in Vehicles

Don't replace your favorite vehicle - install Port-A-Lift instead!

  Image of a large man preparing to use Port-A-Lift to enter a very small car. Even your small car is accessible with Port-A-Lift   Image of a man transferring into a car seat using Port-A-Lift. A big man and a small car - no problem!   Image of a man who has just entered a 1972 Mini-Cooper using Port-A-Lift. Ready to go in a tiny 1972 Mini-Cooper  


Not everyone owns a nifty 1972 Mini-Cooper like ours in the pictures above, but if you have a car you love, Port-A-Lift can make the difference between keeping it and selling it. The Port-A-Lift Personal Transfer system can make it simple to transfer from your wheelchair into virtually any car or truck. SUVs, minivans, 2-door coupes, station wagons, trucks, 4-door sedans and Mini-Coopers - Port-A-Lift can handle them all.

A simple mount is installed in the foot well by the side of the car, and a power socket installed in a convenient location for the Port-A-Lift plug. The Port-A-Lift swing arm and lifting mechanism rest on the mount, and are stowed in any cargo area when not in use.


Mounts can be installed in all of your vehicles, and the lifting mechanism moved from mount to mount, depending on which vehicle you are using. If you do happen to sell your car, or buy a new one, your Port-A-Lift can be removed from your previous vehicle and installed in your new one. You can keep using it in every vehicle you own - all at a cost far less than conversion. Contact us for more information, and see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details about the Port-A-Lift.

Port-A-Lift can be an excellent choice if transportation in a relative's or friend's vehicle is difficult. The unobtrusive mount allows ordinary use of the vehicle, but makes your transfer quick and easy when your relative or friend picks you up for a shopping trip, doctor's appointment, or just to go to the movies.