Personal Mobility Vehicle

Wheel in and drive away!

  Image of a man in wheelchair rolling up the rear ramp and entering a personal mobility vehicle. Press your remote and wheel right into your own PMV  

Around-Town Convenience

This gasoline-powered PMV (Personal Mobility Vehicle) is the ultimate in around-town convenience. There's no extra ramp or lift required. Just press the remote control and wheel right up the integrated ramp and drive away. You're on your way with no delay - the ramp and rear hatch close automatically. Your personal mobility vehicle comes standard ready for use by people with upper body mobility, and adaptations can be made for people with other requirements.


Features including a wheelchair docking station, a wheelchair power winch assist, air-conditioning, heat, power windows, a rear defroster, an interior lamp, a quartz clock, electrical power steering and even a stereo AM/FM/CD system.

Safety and Economy

Classified by NTSA (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) as a LSV (Low Speed Vehicle), your PMV can travel on roads with posted speed limits of 35 MPH or less, and exceeds the safety standards NHTSA has set for LSVs. Your PMV comes with a speedometer/odometer, fuel gauge, indicator lights, water temp light, oil pressure and brake wear indicators for maximum security when driving. Best of all, your PMV is rated at an amazing 90 miles PLUS per gallon of gasoline!

Learn More

Contact us to see how our PMV can become your PMV, and see what this kind of convenience and economy can mean in your everyday life.

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