Other Lifts

Ability Access offers lifts for every need

  Image of a woman with a cane seated in a stair lift chair at the bottom of a set of stairs. Stair lifts make all levels of the house accessible   Image of a woman using a personal lift to elevate herself from the ground to the entry floor of an RV. RV steps are no problem with a personal elevator   Image of a woman riding a stair lift up the stairs outside a building. This stair lift is a compact solution to bypassing outdoor steps  


  Image of an outdoor wheelchair lift level with a porch. Home, porch or building entry is easy with a wheelchair lift   Image of a wheelchair lift with a power wheelchair installed on the back of a sedan. Carry your wheelchair on the back of your car  

More Information

In addition to the lifts pictured, Ability Access carries a full line of ramps for use in homes, businesses, vehicles or wherever needed. Contact us for further information about our extensive line of lifts and ramps.