Port-A-Lift Installation

Port-A-Lift can be installed virtually anywhere

Image of the Port-A-Lift swing arm and lifting mechanism folded against a wall.

The lifting mechanism folds conveniently
against the wall mount

Image of the vertical Port-A-Lift mount used outside RV entrances.

One vertical mount installed outside
your RV door is all you need to enter and exit

In-Home Mounts

The removable Port-A-Lift swing arm and lifting mechanism rest on securely attached mounts which can be installed in homes, cars, trucks, SUVs, and even recreational vehicles.

In homes and other buildings, mounts are installed against walls or on floors, and configured as needed for the specific area. Size can be customized and mounts configured to fit the available space.

Electrical modification is generally not necessary in homes and buildings, since the Port-A-Lift Personal Transfer System can usually be plugged into a typical wall socket.

Ability Access can arrange installation, or can assist with finding qualified installers in other parts of the country.

Mounts in Vehicles

Image of Port-A-Lift bracket folded in place in car.

Two hardware installations are required for vehicles. One is an unobtrusive mount which is attached to the car at the side of the foot well (picture at left), and the second is a power socket installed in the dashboard. The Port-A-Lift is powered by your vehicle's battery, and a socket is installed in the vehicle in a convenient location for the plug.

In the picture below right, you can see the socket on the right side of the dashboard. The Port-A-Lift mount is just below, installed on the floor. The mount is set into the foot well so that it is possible to use the full door opening to get into and out of the seat easily.

Image of a man in wheelchair reaching for Port-A-Lift extension.

Installation Options

In Vehicles
  • SUVs
  • Minivans
  • 4-Door Sedans
  • Trucks
  • Wagons
  • 2-Door Coupes
At HomeIn RVs
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Class A, B, C Motor Homes
  • Van Conversions
  • 5th Wheel & Travel Trailers

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