Port-A-Lift in the Home

Affordable accessibility throughout your home

  Image of a woman in wheelchair about to use a 
			Port-A-Lift to transfer to a bed. Use Port-A-Lift to transfer easily from wheelchair to bed     Image of a woman transfering into a bathtub using Port-A-Lift. Moving from your wheelchair to bath or toilet is simple and secure with Port-A-Lift   Image of a woman transferring from her wheelchair in the hallway into another room. Transfer from a hallway without having to take your wheelchair into the room  

Ultimate Convenience

Wherever you need to be in your home, Port-A-Lift can get you there safely and easily. Enjoy the comfort of a favorite chair in the living room. Transfer from toilet to sink to tub in the bathroom. Enjoy the independence of getting into bed without assistance or using inconvenient transfer boards. Port-A-Lift can make being in your home a pleasure again.

Port-A-Lift's swing arm and lift mechanism rest on a mount when in use, and can be folded conveniently out of the way when not needed. Mounts can be installed wherever required, in offices, living rooms, bedrooms, dens, bathrooms or elsewhere. Individual swing arms and lifting mechanisms can be kept on each mount, or a single swing arm and lifting mechanism can be moved from mount to mount as needed. At 18 lbs, the lifting mechanism is light enough to carry.

An extension is available to increase Port-A-Lift's span up to 13 feet - far enough to reach from a hallway into a bathroom or other small room.


The Port-A-Lift Personal Transfer System can cost far less than other, less versatile, accessibility solutions such as a home renovation. For greatest economy, mounts can be installed in vehicles as well, and the Port-A-Lift moved from mounts in your home to mounts in your vehicles as needed. One Port-A-Lift plus a few mounts equals total accessibility much more affordably than you might expect.

Lifetime Solution

The Port-a-Lift Personal Transfer System is a lifetime solution and can be installed in your current home and moved to any home you have in the future. Move it from vehicle to vehicle as well, and if you buy a new RV, truck, or van, your Port-A-Lift can be transferred to that new vehicle, too.

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