How to Use the Port-A-Lift

Using the Port-A-Lift Personal Transfer System is as easy as 1-2-3

  Image of a man in a wheelchair 
preparing to use the Port-A-Lift.

Step 1
Slip the sling around yourself and attach it to the Port-A-Lift

  Image of a man using Port-A-Lift
 to raise himself to the level of an SUV vehicle seat.

Step 2
Press the remote button, and Port-A-Lift floats you out of your wheelchair and into your car's seat

  Image of a man in an SUV after 
using Port-A-Lift.

Step 3
Once you're in, the 18 lb. Port-A-Lift is easily removed and stored in any area


Simple, Secure Access

People with good upper body movement can use Port-A-Lift independently. In other situations, Port-A-Lift is easily maneuvered by an attendant, friend, or spouse. In all cases, just three basic steps get you where you want to be. Here are the details:

Step 1 - Put the sling behind you, and slip it under your seat. Pull the edges forward, and attach them to the yoke on the swing arm. Because the Port-A-Lift is so maneuverable, clipping the sling to the yoke is simple to do. The sling holds you securely while you transfer.

Step 2 - Press the remote button to raise or to lower the swing arm using the powered lifting mechanism. The Port-A-Lift supports your full weight completely. You control the sideways motion manually to ensure that you place yourself exactly where you want to be.

Step 3 - Once you are seated, unclip the sling and move the Port-A-Lift aside. The swing arm and lifting mechanism can be folded against the wall or stowed in any cargo area in a vehicle. If preferred, the light, strong sling can remain in place until you transfer back into your wheelchair, out of the car, or to another place.


The Port-A-Lift Personal Transfer System can be used to transfer a person to many different locations wherever a mount has been installed. Port-A-Lift allows people who use wheelchairs, or anyone who finds it difficult to get in and out of vehicles, to enjoy the comfort and safety of ordinary seats or chairs. Port-A-Lift lets you enjoy access to vehicle seats and nearly everywhere in your home: bed, bath, couch, toilet, recliner, and anywhere else you may want to be. Even traveling in an RV can be a pleasure once again.

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