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Port-A-Lift Personal Transfer System

Simple, Affordable Access to Any Vehicle, Home, or RV

vehicle Port-A-Lift Use the Port-A-Lift in a car or truck you already own. Additional accessories can load your wheelchair or scooter in any car or truck   Image of a woman transferring to a bed in the Port-A-Lift Enjoy new independence in your home with the Port-A-Lift   Image of a man lifted inside
a recreational vehicle using Port-A-Lift. With Port-A-Lift, even your RV is accessible

Image of Porch-A-Lift
Lifts for every mobile home or residence. Weather resistant!
Image of a woman standing on a Porch lift. The Porch Lift is a great solution for bypassing outdoor steps & takes minimal room compared to a ramp.   Image of a quad3 vehicle lift Enjoy your independence.

Ease and Security

Port-A-Lift is a personal transfer system that makes moving to and from a wheelchair easy, comfortable and safe. Transfer from your wheelchair in just three easy steps. Port-A-Lift supports your entire weight when moving from a wheelchair to recliner, vehicle, bed, toilet, chair or anywhere else you want to be.


With Port-A-Lift, your favorite vehicle or existing home can be accessible for much less than costly alternatives. Not only will you'll avoid vehicle modification or renovation expense in your home now, but your Port-A-Lift is a lifetime solution to your personal transfer needs. Buy one Port-A-Lift to extend up to 13 feet - enough to reach from a hallway into a bathroom, or into your walk-in closet.

More Information

Ability Access is the sole distributor of the Port-A-Lift in the USA. Visit our FAQ page for answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Port-A-Lift, or contact us for more information. We can also help you with a complete line of accessibility products. Click on pictures below for information about our extensive product line.

  Image of a woman
entering an RV. Lifts for steps, stairs and wheelchairs   Image of Porch-A-Lift Lifts for every home or building. Weather resistant!   Image of
wheelchair on outside vehicle wheelchair lift. Accessibility Products  
Image of man in
wheelchair entering a Quovis Wheel in and drive away - see our exciting new personal mobility vehicle!   Image of man being lifted on a horse trailer The Port-A-Lift can even be used on a horse trailer  

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